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Our courses

Echo MasterClass

Echo MasterClass

23 chapters that will make you an echo expert

Echo BachelorClass

Echo BachelorClass

24 chapters that will bring you to the next level

Abdominal BachelorClass

Abdominal Ultrasound BachelorClass

12 chapters that will enhance your diagnostic skills

Emergency BachelorClass

Emergency Ultrasound BachelorClass

11 chapters that will bring you to the next level

TEE MasterClass

TEE MasterClass

Eleven chapters to master the art of transesophageal echocardiography (TEE)

Heart Chamber Quantification MasterClass

As course subscriber you can check out some cases about wall motion abnormalities, strain analysis. See how to interpret left ventricular function in heart transplantation and many more cases from our EchoSkill Lab (Block 9).

EchoSkillLab Block 9

MSK Ultrasound Guided Injections MasterClass

This course is designed for healthcare professionals who already have ultrasound experience, whether this is through the foundational online module or elsewhere. In this course, the professional will learn how to identify target structures for ultrasound-guided injection with improved accuracy compared to non-guided procedures.

Cardiac Filling MasterClass

This course is specially designed for cardiologists, internists, intensivists, echocardiographers and residents in training who particularly need to understand the filling conditions of the heart but do have some understanding of the basic modalities of echocardiography.

In great detail, three individual topics about cardiac filling will be covered: pericardial disease, restrictive cardiomyopathy, and diastolic dysfunction.


Lung Ultrasound MasterClass

“Lung ultrasound is not possible” - this is a statement you could read in many textbooks - however, it is simply not true! In lung ultrasound there are many topics to cover, first of all, why do we need lung ultrasound? Isn’t a chest radiograph easier and a CT-scan better? How to set up my machine? How can I interpret the findings? What are B-lines and how are they divergent from comet tail artifacts? Can I see pulmonary edema and monitor therapy? Can I rule in a pneumothorax as a differential diagnosis? What findings are there in viral pneumonia? And how can we use lung ultrasound in COVID-19 pneumonia?

In the Lung Ultrasound MasterClass all topics which are important for daily clinical use of lung ultrasound will be covered and you will feel safe to even scan critically ill patients in an ICU.