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Echo cases – Life or death

Webinar 46 22.06.2017 Thomas Binder

- Echo in aortic rupture
- Echo in complication of percutaneous intervention (CTO)
- Echo in myocardial rupture
- Resuscitation after mechanical mitral valve replacement
- Resuscitation after biological mitral valve replacement
- Questions from our community

Teaching Cases – Where echo makes a difference

Webinar 45 18.05.2017 Fabian Knebel and Thomas Binder

- Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy – how speckle can help in the assessment
- Midventricular hypertrophic cardiomyopathy
- Amyloid heart disease – Myocardial function, hemodynamic
- Looking at left atrial strain
- Sarcoid heart disease
- Atrial thrombus
- Questions from our community

Echo in coronary artery disease – case examples

Webinar 44 27.04.2017 Assami Rössner and Thomas Binder

- Detecting ischemia with Speckle Tracking Echocardiography
- CAD vs Takotsubo
- Dyssynchrony vs wall motion abnormalities
- Remodeling after myocardial infarction
- Inferior infarct and right ventricular dysfunction
- Inferior aneurysm
- Ischemic ventricular septal defect
- Questions from our community

Speckle Tracking Clinical Potential

Webinar 43 31.03.2017 Thomas Binder and Ole Breithard

- Do we need echo for the selection of CRT candidates?
- How to use speckle tracking to detect dyssynchrony
- What it the typical pattern of dyssynchrony with strain
- What are some of the pitfalls?

Live imaging - tips and tricks

Webinar 42 23.02.2017 Anna-Maria Pistritto and Thomas Binder

- An interesting cause of aortic regurgitation
- Dilated cardiomyopathy – assessing prognosis
- Pitfalls in imaging
- Speckle Tracking in assessing cardiac function
- Echo anatomy – beyond chambers and valves
- Questions from our community

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Stress echocardiography on complex valve disease - case examples

Webinar 41 20.01.2017 Julia Grapsa and Thomas Binder

- Stress echocardiography in aortic stenosis
- Low flow low gradient AS
- Paradoxical low flow low gradient AS
- Practical approach to stress testing
- Stress testing in ischemic mitral regurgitation
- Right ventricle contractile reserve
- Questions from our community

Where TEE makes a difference - case examples

Webinar 40 12.12.2016 Thomas Binder

- TEE in the setting of stroke – looking at the valve
- Papillary fibroelastomas
- Assessing the mechanism of mitral regurgitation
- Endocarditis and dialysis
- Postoperative TEE – a spectacular case
- Questions from our community

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Congenital heart disease and pulmonary hypertension - case examples

Webinar 39 14.11.2016 Nika Skoro-Sajer and Thomas Binder

- The problem of congenital heart defect
- What is Eisenmenger syndrome
- Unroofed coronary sinus ASD
- Using contrast echocardiography
- Cor triatriatrum
- Eisenmenger VSD
- Double Outlet Right Ventricle (DORV)
- Treatment options in pulmonary hypertension and Eisenmenger
- Questions from our community


Webinar 38 27.10.2016 Irene Lang and Thomas Binder

- Screening for pulmonary hypertension - New guidelines
- What do you do if you get no TR signal?
- What is pulmonary arterial hypertension (PAH)
- Drug treatment in PAH
- Echo assessment of RV size and function
- Questions from our community

Cases from our Community - Second opinion

Webinar 37 13.10.2016 Thomas Binder

- Mass on the mitral valve
- Athletes heart vs cardiomyopathy
- Dragon heart – a strange mass
- Mitral stenosis and abnormal septal motion
- Could this be amyloid heart disease?
- Mass in the right heart
- Needles and pins – a foreign body in the heart
- Questions from our community

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