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Speckle Tracking MasterClass

Learn how to use this important modality of echo with our innovative learning approach to apply it in your clinical practice right away.

What is Speckle Tracking?

What is Speckle Tracking all about? Basically, it’s another way of looking at cardiac function, but this time on the level of myocardium fibres. In other words, how well the muscle actually contracts.

"We should really use strain in everyday clinical practice. it can really give us new information that we would not get by conventional echocardiography."Fabian Knebel, MD, PhD | Senior Consultant Cardiology & Angiology | Charité, Berlin

"Strain is a new technology, that is absolutely ready for prime time."Sunil V. Mankad, MD | Senior Consultant Cardiologist | Mayo Clinic, Rochester

"I believe that Speckle Tracking should be a part of every Echocardiography Exam."Elena Surkova, MD, PhD | Royal Brompton Hospital, London

"The main advantage of deformation imaging is that it gives you an objective and quantifiable view on cardiac function."Ole Breithardt, MD | Agaplesion Diakonie Clinic, Kassel

"I think Speckle Tracking is a really unique tool."Steven J. Lester, MD | Consultant Cardiologist | Mayo Clinic, Scottsdale

"The potential of Speckle Tracking is huge."Julia Grapsa, MD | Imperial College London | Cleveland Clinic, Abu Dhabi

"So more and more are we starting to recognize that Ejection Fraction is by far not always a good parameter to assess LVF. And Speckle Tracking can overcome these limitations."Prof. Thomas Binder, MD | Medical University Vienna | AKH, VIenna


The SpeckleTracking MasterClass includes 20 High-Quality Video-Chapters in total, presented by global experts with unique cases and demos.


Part 1 - Compendium

12 chapters are already accessible for you. (CME pending)


Limitations of Ejection Fraction

Myocardial Mechanics

Deformation Imaging

Image Acquisition and Analysis

Normal versus Abnormal

Left Ventricular Hypertrophy

Dilated Cardiomyopathy



Coronary Artery Disease

Valvular Heart Disease

Part 2 - Advanced

The last 8 chapters are included in the MasterClass and will be released in January 2018. (CME pending)

Myocardial Mechanics — Advanced

Image Acquisition and Analysis — Advanced (Different Vendors)

Dilated Cardiomyopathy — Advanced

Cardio-Oncology — Advanced

Dyssynchrony — Advanced

Coronary Artery Disease — Advanced

Stress Echocardiography

Right Ventricle

Valvular Heart Disease — Advanced (Aortic Stenosis, Mitral Regurgitation, Aortic Regurgitation)

Left Atrial Strain

Future of Speckle Tracking

Hypertrophy (Hypertension, Hypertrophic CMP, Athletes Heart & Infiltrative Disease)

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