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Echo Premium Membership Let us be your mentor!

in over 175 countries

over 25,000 clients

over 275,000 users

Echo2Go, Case Stories, Echo Atlas Library, Premium Webinars and an instant "Second Opinion" - are all features of the Echo Premium Membership. It is your most valuable echo companion which offers truly useful, in depth and up-to-date information to you as a physician, sonographer or student.

The Premium Membership includes:

  • Case Stories
  • Echo Atlas Library
  • Premium Webinars
  • Second Opinion Feature
  • Echo Lectures (incl. Basic TEE)
  • Bonus Area
  • Demos: hands-on video instructions

Echo2Go Knowledge Trainer

Echo2Go is the unique Q&A video teaching series that will allow you to learn echo anytime, anywhere, always at your own pace and on any available device.

  • 20 bonus questions to start immediately
  • Train with cases published multiple times a week.
  • Challenging cases to stay on top of your game.
  • Learn anytime and anywhere you like.

Get a second opinion on your echos!*

You would like to have a second opinion on your echo cases? Upload your case and images to share with our community and get feedback from us.

  • upload your echo cases
  • we will share our opinion
  • display your images to our community (optional)

Echo Video LecturesOver 1.5 hours of high quality TEE (transesophageal echocardiography) online video lectures included.

  • Transesophageal echo (TEE): advantages and disadvantages
  • Assessment of cardiac structures by TEE
  • Indications to TEE
  • Complications linked to TEE
  • Preparing a patient for a TEE exam: what to do step-by-step
  • TEE and surgery: how to perform a TEE exam in the operating room
  • Getting info from a TEE: what to look for
  • Handling the probe: which movements to apply
  • Getting the views: how to “change the angle” and turn the wheels
  • Focus on the bicaval view
  • TEE and the aorta
  • Assessing left ventricular function
  • Diagnosing pathologies

The Echo Atlas Library

  • Over 6000 echo examples and cases
  • Search for specific pathologies, cases and echo features
  • In order to become a true echo expert, you will have to see lots and lots of echo examples
  • Our Atlas Library gives you the unique opportunity to virtually increase your caseload and boost your repertoire from your living room

Premium Webinars (live)

  • Live discussion of relevant echo/ultrasound topics
  • Ask your questions during the webinars and get instant feedback
  • Premium Members have access to all 123Sonography webinars
  • Some of our recent topics: Speckle Tracking; Stress Echo; Live Imaging

The Echo E-Book

  • Our online echo textbook
  • Rich in tables, graphics and echo examples
  • Enriched with interactive features and multimedia materials
  • Work in progress: We add chapters and make sure that all text documents, figures and functionalities are up-to-date
  • Please give us feedback – we aim to fit the e-book to your needs


  • Twenty up-to-date handouts that can be printed out and taken to the clinic as a quick bedside reference guide
  • Our factsheets will provide you with important cutoffs and normal values: (e.g., chamber diameters, valve velocities etc.), treatment guidelines, schematic images, and much more.

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