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Echo Premium Membership Let us be your mentor!

in over 200 countries

over 20,000 clients

over 200,000 users

Case-Stories, Echo Atlas Library, Premium Webinars and an instant "Second Opinion" - are all features of the Echo Premium Membership. It is your most valuable echo companion which offers truly useful, in depth and up-to-date information to you as a physician, sonographer or student.

The Premium Membership includes:

  • Case Stories
  • Echo Atlas Library
  • Premium Webinars
  • Second Opinion Feature
  • Echo Lectures (incl. Basic TEE)
  • Bonus Area
  • Demos: hands-on video instructions

Get a second opinion on your echos!*

You would like to have a second opinion on your echo cases? Upload your case and images to share with our community and get feedback from us.

  • upload your echo cases
  • we will share our opinion
  • display your images to our community (optional)

Echo Video LecturesOver 1.5 hours of high quality TEE (transesophageal echocardiography) online video lectures included.

  • Transesophageal echo (TEE): advantages and disadvantages
  • Assessment of cardiac structures by TEE
  • Indications to TEE
  • Complications linked to TEE
  • Preparing a patient for a TEE exam: what to do step-by-step
  • TEE and surgery: how to perform a TEE exam in the operating room
  • Getting info from a TEE: what to look for
  • Handling the probe: which movements to apply
  • Getting the views: how to “change the angle” and turn the wheels
  • Focus on the bicaval view
  • TEE and the aorta
  • Assessing left ventricular function
  • Diagnosing pathologies

The Echo Atlas Library

  • Over 6000 echo examples and cases
  • Search for specific pathologies, cases and echo features
  • In order to become a true echo expert, you will have to see lots and lots of echo examples
  • Our Atlas Library gives you the unique opportunity to virtually increase your caseload and boost your repertoire from your living room

Premium Webinars (live)

  • Live discussion of relevant echo/ultrasound topics
  • Ask your questions during the webinars and get instant feedback
  • Premium Members have access to all 123Sonography webinars
  • Some of our recent topics: Speckle Tracking; Stress Echo; Live Imaging

The Echo E-Book

  • Our online echo textbook
  • Rich in tables, graphics and echo examples
  • Enriched with interactive features and multimedia materials
  • Work in progress: We add chapters and make sure that all text documents, figures and functionalities are up-to-date
  • Please give us feedback – we aim to fit the e-book to your needs


  • Twenty up-to-date handouts that can be printed out and taken to the clinic as a quick bedside reference guide
  • Our factsheets will provide you with important cutoffs and normal values: (e.g., chamber diameters, valve velocities etc.), treatment guidelines, schematic images, and much more.

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