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2.2 How to use the transducer

Ultrasound is much like playing an "action" game on the computer. The transducer could be likened to a "joy stick". Moving the transducer alters the image. With practice you will learn how the image changes in response to a change in the position of the transducer. The keyboard of the scanner may be compared to the buttons of your game station controller, which has functions such as "dropping a bomb" or "collecting a bonus" - with the difference that you use these buttons to add modalities such as spectral or color Doppler, or adjust the image. In the beginning it might be difficult to obtain images with one hand while the other hand manipulates the controls. However, this too is just a matter of practice.


Hold the transducer close to its imaging surface and rest your palm on the body to give yourself more stability.

Imaging is a combination of transducer displacement, rotation, and angulation. However, remember one thing: too much angulation can result in loss of body contact and partial loss of the image. (Note: the ultrasound wave does not pass through air). For good skin contact we use ultrasound gel. Use plenty of it, especially in patients with little subcutaneous fat (where it is difficult to "embed" the transducer). In addition to being able to use larger transducer angulations you will find it easier to move the transducer around.

Always keep track of the position of the marker of the transducer; otherwise you will lose your orientation.
Manipulation of the transducer