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About 123sonography – The Echo Expert’s Academy

THE CONCEPT IS SIMPLE. At123sonography, we help doctors and sonographers to become experts in echocardiography within 90 days. Echocardiography is one of THE most important clinical skills for anyone working in cardiovascular medicine and here is the best place for you to get started.

“The power of the internet is only as good as the reliability of he information. 123sonography is the most robust web based diagnostic cardiac ultrasonography site I have seen. The lectures are by recognized experts in the field. The case library is huge, with amazing pathology. I recommend this to anyone interested in echocardiography, and everyone who practices echocardiography!“

Michael R. Jaff, MD, Associate Professor of Medicine Harvard Medical School, Medical Director, Vascular Center, Massachusetts General Hospital

At 123sonography, we have taught thousands of echocardiographers online. No need to travel to far away places, no need to pay for expensive air-fares and hotels. No need to leave your loved ones. You can attend our trainings from your living room, from work or while you are on the go.

“With you get the feeling that the future of education jumped in a time machine and landed in the present. If so, the future is bright! This echocardiography course is presented by that rare category of expert practitioners who are also master educators. The package of truly world-class video resources, concise fact sheets and a comprehensive echo atlas (and more) provides an unrivaled resource for asynchronous learning anywhere at anytime. If you want to own the echo, is the way to go!”

Chris Nickson MD
Emergency Medicine Senior Registrar, Alice Springs, Australia
Medical Editor of

If you want to find out about our products, click here. If you want more background information, read on……

Let us tell you a short story – how 123sonography got started?

We run a busy echo lab at the General Hospital of Vienna, the largest teaching hospital in Europe. Over the years, we have taught an army of doctors and sonographers how to perform and read echo. Our students come from all over the world: Europe, the USA, Asia, Australia, South America and Africa. It’s quite likely that we have taught folks from where you come from as well.

Our students usually ask us questions like “what learning resources should we use?”, “what’s the best way to self-educate ourselves?” etc. In the past, we usually had to refer them to books. The problem with good old paper books is that they don’t show any moving images, they are often outdated at the time of publication and most of them are not very hands-on.

So we started to look out for online learning resources. The problem was - we did not find any good ones. Nobody had ever taken the time and effort to put their knowledge into a good interactive learning resource. Our students tried to persuade us to be the first ones to do it but we were reluctant – knowing how much effort this endeavor was going to take.

But finally, we gave in to the pressure. The need for a good online learning resource in echocardiography was simply too big in order not to do it. That was the starting point of 123sonography – The Echo Expert’s Academy.

So we built our platform from the ground up. A platform that does one thing and one thing only: to help doctors and sonographers become expert echocardiographers. Eventually, we will move into other fields of ultrasound. But that is another story….

Creating the teaching materials for this course literally took us thousands of hours. We consulted with online learning experts about the most effective way to present the materials, we hired some of the best multimedia people to help us produce our videos and graphics, we constantly tweaked the materials here and there in order to make them perfect.

But the best thing of all, we took everything we learned in the past and put it into 123sonography. Knowledge from over 20 years of doing echo. Knowledge that we acquired in courses, seminars, coachings and through reading books. Without exaggeration, we can say that we spent an entire professional lifetime PLUS hundreds of thousands of dollars and euros on this knowledge. We feel safe to say that you cannot get this knowledge anywhere else. And we share it exclusively with you - the 123sonography community - here.

So How Can You Kick-Start Your Career and Become an Echo Expert?

Without any doubt, the easiest and most convenient way for you to get started is to sign up for our free echo teaching series below. What will you receive if you sign up?

You will get:

  • Access to three exclusive teaching videos on some basic and advanced echo Ninja knowledge.
  • A downloadable handout AND
  • Weekly teaching cases, tips and tricks as well as other expert advice on echocardiography delivered to your e-mail inbox.

So, don’t wait. Leave your name and e-mail on the right side here and take this important step now!